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ADHD assessments & MENTAL HEALTH testing

Parents will often watch their children grapple with academics for years and do not know why, leading to decreased confidence, acting out, and avoidance of schoolwork altogether. For many, however, the academic struggle may be because of a learning disorder like dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia. Psychoeducational testing is designed to stop the guessing game and identify the cause of unsatisfactory academic performance in children and teens.

We provide extensive psychoeducational assessments for individuals ages 8+. These comprehensive evaluations often meet the documentation guidelines for most schools and significant universities when you are seeking accommodations or other resources for your student. It consists of an assessment of learning and academic skills. Our battery includes measures of intellectual, educational, emotional and behavioral functioning.

Psychoeducational assessments help to first determine appropriate academic placement for a student such as special needs, emotionally handicapped and gifted & talented. Secondly to identify the cause of learning difficulties in school, or the root of a behavioral problem for a student, to ascertain the best treatment option.

Psychoeducational testing is often necessary to accurately diagnose and define the particular challenges a person is facing. Pediatricians often request tests before prescribing medication for ADHD. Our testing can provide a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses, and accurate diagnosis, helping to inform appropriate educational placements, programming, interventions, and accommodations.

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