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treatment philosophy

Our treatment philosophy covers a wide variety of therapeutic counseling options derived from, but not limited to, Adlerian, Cognitive, Person-Centered, and Reality Therapy.


Thus, our treatment philosophy allows for the creation of eclectic treatment plans that provide an assortment of counseling tools and techniques.


Treatment Philosophy for Anger Management


As a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist (CART), our anger management counseling sessions are provided for those who request it, are sent by their employers, or are court-ordered. Certification and training was obtained through The Center for Anger Resolution, Inc. founded and directed by Newton Hightower. Newton Hightower's highly acclaimed textbook and workbook, Anger Busting 101, as well as additional anger abatement techniques make up the core curriculum for SOS Life Ring's anger management therapy.


Treatment Philosophy for Trauma Recovery


As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), our trauma recovery counseling is provided for individuals who still suffer from symptoms associated with trauma. Certification and training was obtained through The International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP), now known as The International Trauma Training Institute (ITTI). The recovery process involves the following elements: therapeutic relationship, physiological understanding of the body’s trauma response, relaxation techniques, self-regulation techniques, trauma release techniques, cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, narrative therapy, and positive expectancy. Each treatment plan is individually designed to meet the needs of each individual in order to obtain the resolution of symptoms associated with traumatic stress. Certification maintenance and renewal requirements are monitored and managed by ITTI on an annual basis.


It is our belief that most people already possess the solutions they are seeking. Therefore, by utilizing the client’s own strengths and our assortment of tools and techniques from these well-known counseling therapies, we help each client realize and reach his/her solution.

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