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SOS Life Ring Mediation Services provide dispute resolution techniques to parties that are involved in a disagreement or are seeking legal action. We support and participate in mandated mediator training and standards set by the Texas Mediators Credentialing Association (TMCA). As credentialed mediators, our training and facilitative mediation techniques empower the parties in the dispute mediation to maintain power over the outcome for their dispute. As our mediation process progresses, we will focus on the future outcome that both parties can accept.


Our mediation services focus on the following areas:

  • Family

  • Child Protective Services

  • Civil Disputes: contract, financial, personal injury, landlord/tenant

  • Workplace Disputes: employment, EEOC

  • Divorce

  • School Law/ Education

  • Business

  • Church and Community

Our standard mediation service is scheduled as a half-day unless identified conditions are included that indicate a full day of services will be needed.


Mediations may be held at our SOS Life Ring office in The Woodlands. However, off-site locations are gladly considered as long as all parties are comfortable with the location of the mediation. Mediations can be scheduled on weekdays and weekends.


Mediation services will be scheduled as soon as SOS Life Ring is contacted directly by one of the parties, one of the attorneys representing either party, or by a submitted Order of Referral.


An Order of Referral to Mediation can be submitted via fax to (281) 466-2443 or email to If an Order of Referral exists, then the mediation fees may vary as some courts set the mediator’s fee in advance.


If you would like your case mediated by SOS Life Ring, please contact us to schedule and secure a mediation date. We look forward to working with you in bringing resolution to the dispute.


Sarah L. Evans is an Active Volunteer Mediator for the Harris County Dispute Resolution Center.


All written material within this website is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

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